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Whirl protesting by braiding his holomatter avatar’s hair was my favorite part of the issue.  TRUTH TO POWER, MAN, TRUTH TO POWER.

No guys seriously look.

Look at HOW she is using her hands. Finger separated into two distinct sets.Like His Claws.

You may not know, but when braiding hair, its hard enough when using all four fingers and thumbs- Whirl isn’t used to having fingers. He’s lost that dexterity and is using the holoform to relearn it.

Also look at that fucking watch just look at it gdmit my heart is breaking.

why’d you have to go and do that

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Fun fact: Mary's humanformers were the reason I started reading MTMTE and she's forever my biggest robot senpai °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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Commissioned from Martzu!!!

A Mnemosurgeon Pharma, HOW A COOL IDEA!!!!!!!

….Pharma seems don’t like me, I failed the coloring of him at first OTZ Very terrible fail. Thanks Martzu for her amazing patience!<3<3<3

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ma dokis

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( `ー´)(・_・)ヽ(^^)ノ

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So I properly watched The Breakfast Club finally and…I like the dance scene at the least ahahaa

That last one was really hard to do. I CAME CLOSE TO ANIMATING IT but animation is hard ….but I’ll keep it as something I might do later

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Some doodly backgrounds!

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welcome to the 12th inning of a college baseball game


Bow down 2 the queen

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I hope people have seen this. I dont even know its origin or anything or hell what to really tag it as but I saw it on facebook via a cosplayer page. Its definitely worth the watch

What the ungodly fuck

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Lonely desert shack