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I don’t care how unrealistic it is but I’d love to see a fic where Megs becomes the Lost Lights dad, he’s disciplined but isn’t completely without compassion. Crew members shyly coming to him for advice about everything from fighting skills to romance to anything, Megs taking the turn of events in his stride, maybe because he sees it as part of redemption. Stuff like that.

I just really like good dad Megs

Dad Megs being like “these damn kids” and Mama Rung being like “Now now go easy on them”

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"The Autobots are some of the most sophisticated war machines ever constructed, but they’re hardly sentient.

Still, sometimes Raf wonders if there’s more to the Autobots than mere metal.

Ghosts in the machine.”


Transformers Prime AU in which the kids are Mech pilots (who slowly realize their bots are alive). Painted with Ayumi Hamasaki’s “Tasking” in mind.

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Rewind’s footage was overall 14 hours and 27 minutes long.

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Transformers Pixel Masterpost



This post contains all the transformers pixel art that I’ve made.  Anyone can use them for ANYTHING, as long as they give me credit and/or link back to my blog.  The pickings are a little slim right now but the post will be updated with each new one as I make them! I’ll also be adding characters from more series, eventually, but right now it’s just MTMTE.

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Commission for ax3lracer who asked for Chromedome and Rewind watching a movie together. It was originally only going to be one picture, that’s why the two look so similar. I’m happy I got to draw both!

Thank you again for commissioning me, I haven’t drawn these babies in ages, I really hope you like it!

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Got inspired by the colors of MTMTE 21 to draw Cyclonus with his sword.

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Download: 1050x1311

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I don’t know who picked that font but i actually laughed at that page bc it reminded me of these sitcom logos.

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So I finally caught him in the act of escaping

Did you really think that flimsy wire cage would contain his laser eyes? Consider yourself lucky he didn’t melt you instead.

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They just want you to dance after all ^^

(My version of Fnaf, after so many requests, because you’re so cool I had to reply and make something ^^)

I’m so bad at this game :x ! 

Il fait peur mais ça peut aller ^^ 

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The biggest monsters of all…


Like kids running loose at a theme park, high on a sugar rush. Everything looks so exciting to them that they can’t decide what to try first. Do we grind Autobots or watch them melt? Do we headshot a few to scare the others? Or give one a seat? So much mayhem to cause and so little time to do it.

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